Garden Room in Surrenden

This customer in Surrenden wanted a tranquil garden retreat away from the family house and everyday life and work.


The overgrown end of the garden was the ideal position for the proposed Garden Room.

Once design and level of of build was discussed, work commenced by clearing the area of all undergrowth, tree roots, moving a pond and a dozen or so concrete footings from old fence-posts.

Once the proposed cabin was marked out, the footings were dug and the floor constructed from treated C24 timber and fixed completely level using adjustable galvanised footing pins sunk into concrete.

The floor was then insulated and the sub-flooring layed after a vapour barrier was laid.

The walls were then constructed from C24 timber, the front having the 2x windows and double door openings. Then covered with OSB (Oriented Strand Board).

The roof was also constructed using C24 timber and was also covered with OSB.

1st fix electric cables were then laid for lighting and power.

The walls and ceiling were heavily insulated and the outside walls covered with a vapour barrier.

Origin windows and doors were fitted and the walls were clad vertically with top-grade Cedar Tongue and Groove.

A high-grade rubber roof was fitted to make watertight along with guttering and soak-away.

The inside was fitted with a further internal vapour barrier, plasterboard and plastered.

Oak engineered flooring layed, skirting and picture rail fixed, walls painted, 2nd fix electrics fixed and finally the wood-burner fitted… Just in time for Christmas celebrations.


Glastonbury Festival

TBC has been working for Glastonbury Festival since 2011.

Toby was part of the carpentry team in The Common from 2011 to 2014.

From 2015 to present day, TBC has been part of the team in The UnFairGround field, managing the construction of  the UnFairGround Crew Bar situated behind the InFamous Bus Stage as well as working on other areas of the UnFairground.


The “UFG Bar” sign was constructed by TBC in 2016 using triple-layered 6mm ply-wood being fixed to the 18mm birch-ply lettering with a lot of exterior glue and pins.

The next stages were the scenic painting, the electrical wiring for all the bulbs and the rigging steel support construction, all done by the other talented UFG Glastonbury crew members.

The “UFG Bar” sign was then rigged into the field’s amazing lighting system during the festival.


The UnFairGround Crew Bar actual serving bar was built in 2015 by TBC.

The bar consisted of 8x modular base sections with heavy-duty adjustable galvanised feet that interlocked to each other.

3x of these sections supported 3x optic-shelf sections for the vast selection of spirits served at the bar.

The 11x sections were all constructed from Birch ply-wood.


The UnFairGround Crew Bar’s original artistic frontage re-creating a Bristol pub was constructed in 2015 by TBC using traditional scenic construction methods. Mainly 3x1 timber and 6mm ply-wood.


The 2nd UnFairGround Crew Bar scenery, also constructed by TBC, was built in 2019. It was based on a fictional pub called the Broke Britain inspired by the separating of the UK from Europe.

Again, TBC used traditional scenic construction methods. Mainly 3x1 timber and 6mm ply-wood.

This was followed by scenic-painting by the talented UFG Glastonbury crew members.


Spanish Staircase - Brighton

The customer in Brighton with a Spanish architect father approached Toby with a very compact loft-stair design they wanted building.

The design incorporated a storage cupboard and an off-set step system similar to a pub-cellar ladder design.

This was an interesting challenge and to date, it remains Toby's favourite interior creation.

It was constructed from 18mm birch ply. The existing stair banisters were extended to the ceiling to create a more enclosed climb.

A set of bannisters were constructed in the loft and a heavy-duty door birch ply-wood door fitted, that could be walked on, and also locked back for access.


Police Information Box Garden Cabin

The client in Kemp Town, Brighton approached me with this funky garden cabin design after seeing my festival art installation experience on my website.

Being in the film industry, he really wanted a bespoke, made to fit (in a small area of his garden) cabin based on a 1920’s Police Information Booth.

This is a favourite exterior construction of mine.

This funky Garden Cabin was constructed from C24 structural timber and 9mm ply-wood.

The scenic painting was done by the talented Fran Signwriter.